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Civil Engineering Career Opportunities

Civil Engineers understand and integrate the natural environment with the requirements of people and engineering science in order to design and construct solutions that provide infrastructure and services, using the best available design and technology. 

Civil Engineering solutions, in the form of water supply, drainage and sanitation infra-structures increase the quality of life by eliminating the sources of infections and diseases. Problems of traffic congestion require the development of new, mass transportation systems. While extreme weather events, and forms of unrest, require structural design solutions. All of these play their part in the shortage of Civil Engineers.

Typical examples of Civil Engineering are:

  • Structures, such as tower blocks (skyscrapers), bridges, power stations, sports stadiums and oil rigs.
  • Transport Systems, for example roads, railways and airports.
  • Water Supply Systems, including dams, reservoirs and water towers. 
  • Marine Works, such as seawalls, harbours and dry docks.
  • Solid and Liquid Waste Disposal, including environmental considerations and waste to energy production.
A Civil Engineer therefore requires a holistic (all embracing) outlook, a creative, scientific and logical mind, and good communication skills. International surveys have shown that Civil Engineering is one of the highest rated professions in terms of job satisfaction.

Exploring careers in Engineering

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